Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Breaker's Blade

How one of these relics of the ancient Old Country came to Northaven is anyone's guess. Until this one appeared, scholarly consensus was that all of them had been destroyed in the Apocalypse. The swords were crafted by the legendary swordsmiths of lost Gilgaroone, a hundred of them all told, and given to the staggering forces of good in the early days of Apocalypse. They were designed specifically to break the magical shields of the chief agents of Apocalypse: the towering, earth-shattering Dohlem and their enslaved sorcerers. In practice, one sword bearer would accompany each sorcerer on the side of Man, and use the blade to render their genocidal opponents vulnerable.

A Breaker's Blade is a two-handed sword of approximately 5' length. The blade is crafted from steel that appears liquid when examined closely, and is etched with words and phrases in the lost tongue of Gilgaroone that slowly change. The sword is a +3 weapon, and destroys any active sorcery it touches, including illusions, wards, walls, shields, and other ongoing effects. The sword's +3 bonus is also applicable to saves vs. offensive magic. The sword is treated as a +5 weapon against constructs or summoned creatures of any sort, and does double damage against these foes.


  1. Wonderful! I like weapons and armor that interact like this with arcane effects. I should incorporate something similar in my current campaign.

  2. Now that is a potent weapon with a great story!



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