Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lord of the... Lego?

Lord of the Rings is coming to Lego.

Great, another toy for me and my boys to fight over :)


  1. Appearing on a table-top near you soon - a cheap and non-breakable alternative to the metal 1980s minis we now use.

  2. LEGO plus roleplaying games = WIN.

    I put together a bunch of LEGO swashbucklers for our Flashing Blades campaign. At one point a Cardinal's Guard was disarmed by one of the adventurers, and everyone waited for me to remove the rapier from his little minifig hand before the action could resume.

  3. Ouch... Gimli got stuck with the hobbits :p

    More seriously, we've been using legos instead of metal minis since I started playing with my family as a kid. People at college were a little skeptical initially when I pulled out a bag of lego men, but the joy of rapid customization and lack of painting soon kicked in.

  4. That's a great idea! I wish I'd thought of it years ago.

  5. Yum. The LOTR Lego video game can't be far behind (and surely beats up on Aragorn's Quest). Hopefully they'll QA this one.

  6. Just as I've been collecting a bunch of GW's LotR minis, this comes along, no doubt part of the pre-Hobbit "surge"...



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