Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting excited for Star Wars?

Despite my best intentions, I'm starting to feel a little excitement creep up on me for the forthcoming new chapter in the Star Wars saga. It's completely illogical, I know. It's hard not to be pessimistic - George Lucas has given up on the franchise, and many might argue he lost his "mojo" for it long before that. Star Wars is currently owned by Disney, the biggest entertainment juggernaut in the world, so there are likely to be financially-based compulsions behind the creation of the new trilogy that I can't even imagine. The director of the first installment, JJ Abrams, has kind of a mixed record with restarting franchises, at least in my opinion (I greatly enjoyed the first Star Trek reboot, not so much the second).

Nevertheless, I started to take a look around in those shadowier corners of the internet in which unsavory characters lurk with illicit offerings of "spoilers", and "leaks". And, deep down inside, that spark of excitement began to grow. I can't help myself. Star Wars was a huge part of my childhood, and any chance to relive a part of that magic, no matter how small... Well, I'm going to chase that feeling a little bit, keep a tiny bit of optimism in my shirt pocket just in case.

Some better (veracity not guaranteed, natch) Star Wars speculation can be found at these links:

What's YOUR opinion on the upcoming trilogy? Excited? Pessimistic?


  1. Cautiously optimistic. What I have seen of the leaks looks like a return to the classic model of Star Wars with some of the (few) better parts of the prequels thrown in.

  2. I'm happy there is going to be another Star Wars film and am looking forward to seeing it.

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