Tuesday, February 2, 2010

BtBG Reader does some Epic shopping!

I had a few minutes between meetings downtown today, and got the chance to run into a bookstore I've often passed by but never actually gotten to visit: the Old Editions Bookstore.

What a treasure trove of great old pulp scifi and fantasy! I really was impressed with the collection they have there, and unlike many "used" bookstores, they know what these venerable little books are worth (is that fortunate or unfortunate?). For instance, they had a little Ace double (the kind with two books, back to back and upside down, in one volume) consisting of Leigh Brackett's Sword of Rhiannon backed by Conan the Conqueror for $30!

That's not to say there were no good deals to be found in the store, however, not by a longshot. They had a pretty nice collection of old stuff packed into a "cheap" shelf that I'll have to dig through some day when I have more time to kill.

Of course, I didn't walk out empty handed. In fact, yours truly walked out with a near-complete collection of Epic Illustrated, something I've been dreaming of scoring for years now, for far less than cover price! I've got a lot of reading to do...:)


  1. Epic Illustrated was great! they had a great variety similar to Metal Hurlant. If you like Epic Illustarted Magazine, check out some ERIE & CREEPY magazines. You can get them in huge graphic novels now. Just like the savage sword of conan.

  2. Nice score! And given the option, I'd go for the bookstore that has no freakin' clue what their pulp/sf/f stuff is worth.

  3. Awesome Score, a couple of my issues are in sad shape, but I managed to keep most quite nice :)
    Molly and Flytrap rule :)

  4. Oh, Man! Epic was Awesome! I loved, Jim Starlin's The Metamorphosis Odyssey. My dad bought Epic, Heavy Metal and a ton of other cool stuff and always let me read his copies.

    Word verification: Sconans - Small quickbreads, baked in the shape of a barbarian warrior.

  5. I love those old used book stores that have treasures hidden in every nook. There were a couple in Chicago that I use to frequent and always walked out of there with something awesome. Enjoy!



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