Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Lazy Blog Post - Cthulhu

So I got the giant book above, "Necronomicon, The Best Weird Tales of HP Lovecraft", and am enjoying re-reading these stories very much. I already have most of the tales in various other books, but this compiles them together in one big book, and matches my giant Conan book.

Unfortunately, this probably doesn't bode well for the players in my Omegea campaign. ;)


  1. The hello kitty one made me laugh.

  2. I love 'My Neighbor Cthulhu.' Much better than Miyazaki's original!

    Who did the 14th one down? That's the first really impressive rendering of Cthulhu I've ever seen.

  3. @Tequila - its an uncredited wallpaper (now decorating my desktop) from

  4. If people dig Mythos art, they NEED to check out Paul Carrick's blog.



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