Friday, June 3, 2011

Swords & Wizardry tonight

If you didn't already know, there's a new, updated version of Swords & Wizardry available. This is the "Core" game, as opposed to White Box or Complete. I don't see too many changes per se, more a lot of additions, such as encounter tables and thief class being added to the "standard" roster. Looks like demi-humans and ability score modifiers might have been tweaked a bit. Check it out right here.

I'll be looking at it more closely at tonight's game. I'm keeping the "Complete" version handy in case someone desperately wants to play a monk or ranger, etc. Three new players tonight!

It looks like Frog God Games is starting to catch up with their production schedule. I've been waiting for a look at their Hex Crawl Chronicles, which are purportedly out this weekend.

I've picked up a couple of their Swords & Wizardry offerings to date, and they seem well done. I believe Mythmere has a pretty active hand in their development / conversion, so why shouldn't it be. I'm surprised not to have heard more buzz about these products in the OSRosphere, but perhaps other folks, like me, have been waiting for these cool-looking hex crawls to come out before buying a ton of adventures to go with them.

We're starting a new campaign, a little more straightforward / traditional than my usual Omegea campaign (still Omegea, but a more "traditional" area of it, the Westlands), which should help accommodate both the easy entrance/exit of players, and my busy writing schedule. The usual Omegea campaign was very demanding both on my creative well and on players being at every single session to help grow the storyline. The new campaign will be more sandboxy, and with more short-term objectives.


  1. The 4th printing of Core is my favorite version of S&W to date. I think it took the best stuff from Complete, left the additional classes (which I prefer to do my own versions of, if I'm using them at all) and spiced things up with more of the sort of art I prefer. And it keeps Pete's cover.

  2. Alright, have a great time! I'm currently in “C&C land” when it comes to running/playing games right now. But S&W and LL are calling out to me...someday I will succumb to their siren song...

  3. The 4th version of Core reminds me of Holmes...



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