Thursday, August 23, 2012

Blake's 7 remake in the works?

The online rumor mill has it that there is the possibility of a remake of Blake's 7 on the horizon.

I really enjoyed this show when I watched it, years and years ago. For me, it combined elements of Star Wars-like space opera, with the peculiar English Science Fiction sensibilities I enjoyed so much in Doctor Who. And those crazy outfits! The fact that the series was sequential, telling  a complete story, was a draw as well, as most series tell largely independent stories in each episode.

And the series finale? Blew my mind.


  1. "I only want to help, Villa." - Avon

    Cracks me up every time.

  2. Hope that it then will either be a British remake or something like a Joss Whedon one... Also loved the series. Cheers!

  3. Blake's 7 taught me I liked science fiction. Also I happened to live near the china clay pits where all the desert exteriors were filmed.

  4. Wasn't Firefly just "Blake's 7" with the serial numbers filed off?

    1. Was that why I liked Firefly so much?

  5. I loved this show. My first Traveller campaign borrowed from it a LOT.



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