Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pathfinder Comic Book

Paizo (the preternaturally prolific company that puts out the Pathfinder RPG, or "D&D 3.75" as it's sometimes known) is putting out a new monthly comic book called, simply, "Pathfinder".

I've loved gaming-related comics, both serious and humorous, for about as long as I've loved gaming. The "serious" end of gaming related comics has had a rocky past, though, with few titles lasting longer than a few months, due, usually, to either lack of interest or lack of quality. I think the last really enjoyable one I read was a 4-5 page monthly supplement to the Knights of the Dinner Table, based in their Kingdoms of Kalamar setting. And that was a long time ago.

I'm interested to see how the Pathfinder Comic turns out, so I subscribed. I'm hoping for some good writing, obviously, and some good art, but it'll also be pretty cool to have a comic book show up in my mailbox once a month - something that hasn't happened in a very long time!

As an aside, Pulp fans should really check out the fire sale Paizo is running on their sadly defunct Planet Stories line. Three bucks each for these very nice editions of long-out-of-print pulp classics is a great deal. I just a got a big box full for myself.


  1. I have high hopes for the Comic line as well but I haven't managed to convince myself to subscribe yet. The art previews are great but the shipping is almost as much as the comic for me. I may try to see if I can find it locally.

  2. Thank God Rob Liefeld is not the artist.
    Err.. Wayne Reynolds.

    1. Look's like Lucio Parrillo, Matteo Scalera, Dave Dorman, and Erik Jones. Lets hope that Dynamite can give Marvel and DC a run for their money. I'd take Red Sonja over the X-Men any day.

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the Paizo sale. Picked up a bunch I've been "meaning to buy" for awhile.



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