Monday, March 16, 2015

Random Table: 100 Market Stalls

Winding bazaars and markets filled with colorful stalls stocked with exotic goods are a fantasy staple. But what are today's stalls offering? Roll (d100) on the table below to find out:

100 Market Stalls (d100)
01.  Exotic parrots with rainbow plumage
02. Charms against possession and enchantment
03. Narwhal-horn scrimshaw
04. Purple Worm-tooth daggers
05. Fine parchment, inks, & quills
06. Obnoxiously loud ornamental dogs
07. Old Greba's Spell Component & Herb Emporium
08. Dragonfruit (a popular aphrodesiac)
09. Troot's "Knock-Knee" Brandy
10. Fine scarves and shawls
11. Holter's Roots, Tubers, and Grubs
12. Oak-handled umbrellas and sunshades
13. Lens Grinder - Bronze-rimmed reading glasses
14. Hot spiced meat pies
15. Pet lemurs and a variety of ornamental leashes
16. Firewood and charcoal
17. Handmade silver-wire hairnets & necklaces
18. Fried onions & mushrooms
19. Candied confections
20. Risque night attire
21. Rare books, scrolls, & tomes
22. Handcarved blackwood statuettes
23. Caricature artist
24. Ceramic pottery
25. Love potions (1 in 20 actually works!)
26. Fresh vegetables of gigantic size
27. Fine leather belts, straps, gloves, & boots
28. Iron cookware
29. Fine sheathes for blades of all sizes
30. Grilled insects on sticks
31. Rolula the Fortune Teller & Card Reader
32. Gungi's Ale Stall - Halfpints, pints, & litres available
33. Gnarlwood flutes & whistles
34. Fresh fruits from the fabled shouthern jungles
35. Scribing & Messenger service
36. Dulok the moneychanger and his intimidating bodyguards
37. Fine portraits & landscapes
38. Rare maps of locales near & far
39. Smoked giant hornfish
40. Fine shoes & slippers for courtiers
41. Well-crafted and colorful glassware
42. Freshly skinned rabbits
43. Finely woven baskets and hats
44. Pumpkins, Gourds, and Squash
45. Berries, Grapes, and Cherries
46. Saddles, tack, harness, and saddlebags
47. Priest pontificating about the End Days to any who'll listen
48. Nine different varieties of Bay Leaf
49. Fiery spices from across the great ocean
50. Needles & Pins, 99 different colors of thread
51. Leather jackets
52. Leather boots & shoes
53. Hot peppers & sauces
54. Fresh flowers, available in arrangements
55. Piping hot spiced cider
56. Potatoes, available in 10 or 25 lb sacks
57. Nice porcelain chamber pots & ewers
58. Caged geese, plump & raucous
59. Pintillican's Gauranteed Fever-Cures
60. Strings, cat-gut or wire for stringed instruments
61. Drums & drumheads
62. Fine attire for dwarfs, halflings & other folk of small stature
63. Chalk & slates of all sizes
64. Multi-colored rugs
65. Backpacks, pouches, & sacks
66. Candied chestnuts
67. Fine wines by the bottle or cask
68. Underclothes of Distinction
69. Masonry Tools
70. Ingots of various rare metals
71. Finely crafted hourglasses
72. Bolts of silk from the unapproachable East
73. Hats of all shapes & sizes
74. Rotten eggs & vegetables for sale to throw at undesirables
75. Poetry by commission
76. Puppets & Marionettes
77. A pair of surly looking goblins offering to darn socks
78. Bird feathers & plumage of all sizes & colors
79. A sergeant of the Black Iron Mercenary Company soliciting recruits
80. Bells, bells, and more bells. And a group of children who won't leave them alone.
81. Ornate birdcages
82. Massage for a gold piece
83. Fine cloaks & capes
84. Delicious smelling freshly baked bread
85. Dried meats & fruits
86. Tinterboxes & Torches
87. Beritte the Curse-Tamer
88. Ceramic mugs & goblets
89. Weird & Wonderful porcelain masks
90. Golben the Ogler
91. Sugar cane and molasses
92. Rare Tea of Altered Consciousness
93. A mud-caked orphan girl trying to sell from a litter of kittens
94. Bags of barley, wheat, and rye
95. Wooden contraptions of uncertain purpose
96. Hommaquill Whitebeard, Seer of Heroes
97. Hot apple & gooseberry pies
98. Fine rapiers with intricate basket-hilts
99. Model ships and gliders
00. A dubious-looking trader trying to sell (for an extravagant sum) what he claims to be a pseudodragon egg


  1. Yes, using this immediately, thank you! There will be a market at the next session, because, why not?

  2. I believe "Narwhal-horn" Scrimshaw was ship's bluesman aboard the ill-fated Erebus.
    P.S. Welcome back!

  3. You're all very welcome. For anyone who gets #80, please check back with a session report! ;)

  4. It will be nice for my Tatooine sessions in Edge of the Empire.
    Need more d100 random tables.

  5. I took 30 rolls on this table, and have linked the results with an idea in the D&D Archive for a plane-travelling bazaar - . My party hasn't yet reached the market, they spent so long faffing around at the temple that we didn't get the chance. So it will be market day 'tomorrow'.

    One result I did get was 38. There's a result to throw up, especially if some of the stall-holders are planar travellers. What maps might be available then? Greyhawk? Harn? Barsoom? Arda? Westeros? Atlantis? Oxford? Tatooine? Needless to say, I've spent the week both googling and hand-drawing maps of various locales on- and off-world.

    Great table - thanks!

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