Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Warriors of the Red Planet - Have you slain a Banth today?

In case you don't already know, Warriors of the Red Planet is available over at Lulu now to fill your craving for Sword & Planet adventure with old-school D&D-inspired rules!

Special thanks to my paintbrush-wielding partner Thomas Denmark for getting this up and out there while I was otherwise occupied with RL business.

As always, check back here and over on the "official" WotRP site for additional material, art, and news.

And, please, let us know what you think about the game - there are some plans yet to be revealed for this labor of love, and It'd be great to have the gaming community's input!

PS, there's a nice little review here.


  1. Al, Glad to see new posts! Out of a bit over 100 blogs I semi keep track of, this is the first one I've been inspired to read from its beginning to the most recent posts.

    I especially liked the posts about becoming an old school gamer and the episodic play examples for mini-sites with Yeti, Caverns, an Idol and 3 days worth of visuals for wilderness scenery.

    When making up lists of randomly encountered items, or hex contents, do you use a Mad-Libs approach (Noun + Verb + Adjective = Outline for hex inspiration), or some other methods? Thanks for the great blog ideas!

  2. The thumbnail of the cover still says "beta". Is this a new edition, or do I already have it?

  3. This looks great! Does it use the OGL?

  4. @Randal - thanks for the kind words. For my random tables, I typically use nothing more than the ramblings of my own fevered mind.

    @Faoladh - this is still the "beta" edition. What that really means is "edition not available in bookstores yet" - its the fully playable game, lacking nothing more than whatever extras and editing we choose to add before saying we're done with it ;)

    @Garnfellow - not an "OGL" game per se, but anyone familiar with OD&D or OGL d20 games will already understand the basics of where the system is coming from.

  5. Good to see you posting again! when will the WotRP be out of beta? And once it IS out of beta, will mt beta version be useful?

  6. Fun game - I had a chance to run it at Big Bad Con last year. Great time.

  7. I hear other games being considered innovative and groundbreaking, even by authors, NO, this is. Condensed, humble and breathtaking all in one.

  8. I'm starting to think "Beta" was a poor term to use lol - for the record, Warriors of the Red Planet is a complete and fully playable game. We just wanted to let players know that their input matters - while we may make little tweaks in the future, or release "special" editions, what you buy on Lulu is the game, and will never be obsolete. A good example of this is Swords & Wizardry, which WotRP has a lot in common with. Its been through a few "different" iterations, but the earliest released versions are pretty much the same as the latest, with a few tweaks.

    1. Heh! Yeah, "Beta" usually implies that there will be a final release 1st edition (though of course sometimes things simply remain in beta forever), with further tweaks giving further editions (such as S&W:WB in its current 3rd edition which mainly changed the saving throws for the classes from those in 2nd edition and added optional multiple save tables).

  9. Al, Black Blade sold out of the copies of Warriors of the Red Planet that we brought to GaryCon this past weekend. The game looks great, and folks are definitely interested! :D


  10. I recently bought your book and have found the "Playing the Game", "Campaign and Adventure Design" sections and the random ruin and adventure tables very useful. The Monsters are great too. Since this is beta, the final version will have twice as much awesome right?

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