Sunday, August 9, 2015

Lazy Blog Post - Classic B&W D&D Art

Many modern RPG releases are big and glossy, full of color, with top-notch professional art. And yet, some still leave me cold nonetheless. When I need to warm up again, I go in search of the whimsey, panache, and unforgettable, unique quality of classic black & white D&D art.


  1. Agreed. I almost always prefer black and white line work to full-colour paintings. Trampier was a master. I like Willingham and Holloway too, and Jeff Dee's Morgan Ironwolf illo there is truly iconic. As ever, though, it's the Erol Otus stuff that jumps out and punches me right in the eyeballs. That kobold skewering the snake is a truly fantastic piece of design. And check out all the textural effects in the picture of the mad hermit from B2. Amazing!

    Nothing from Roslof, though? His sabre-tooth tiger from Moldvay Basic? The Master of the Wild Hunt from D&DG?

  2. These are some of my favorites!

  3. Indeed! I think you spoke for many of us old timers. I simply love Trampier's artwork!

  4. How about you host a competition...everyone can draw some black and white pen art. I'll even submit one...definately worth the effort.

  5. The spider venom that makes people break into a hypnotic dance struck me as one of the more ridiculous things from B/X. This is strange to me, since the rest of the humor in the Basic Rulebook comes across very well (such as the player bluffing "It's okay, Gary sent us" to the hobgoblins).

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