Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Gnolls (per B/X)

"Gnolls are rumored to be the result of a magical combination of a gnome and a troll by an evil magic user."
- Tom Moldvay, Basic Rulebook

How did I forget about this?

Was the concept so horrible to envision that my mind erased it as a defensive measure?


  1. Been playing on and off since 79, didn't notice that about Gnoles until a decade ago when someone pointed it out online. I think it may be that that the hyena-humanoid is so visually striking that it erased it. I do know that the word Gnoll comes from Dunsany, though his gnoles aren't really described physically from what I remember and don't resemble either creature in any case.

  2. I like to think the little smidge of thanks I sent your way brought you back! thanks Al!



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