Monday, April 20, 2009

Happiness is a....

...Big honkin' compilation of Savage Sword of Conan!

almost 600 pages of old school sword & sorcery goodness, and this is part one of six or more volumes.

It warmed my cockles (can I say "cockles" here?) to see this stuff again, I have a modest, but woefully incomplete, collection of the real thing. It was one of my favorite mags, and came into my life at effectively the same time as D&D and Star Wars and all the other nerdphoria that consumed my adolescence.

The series featured some of the best artists at the time, and stayed truer to the source material than most later comics or movies would. And its fun to read...


  1. This is a great series! I've got the first 3 volumes, and they are mind blowing! I really hope they eventually collect King Conan as well!

  2. The question is, did it warm the sub-cockle region of your heart?

    One of these days I need to buy some of these old Conan comic compilations. They look awesome.



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