Tuesday, June 16, 2009

That's no moon....

That's the Old School Reference and Index Compilation! Seen here next to S&W White Box for size comparison - man, that's a big book!

For as long as this has been in .pdf, I've wondered how cool it would be to have a print version - and it is pretty damn cool. I can only imagine the amount of work that went into producing this monster. Nice work, guys!

Though I'm content running Swords & Wizardry for now, this book is a treasure trove of useful stuff - taking out the stuff strictly inimical to S&W still leaves me with about 350 pages of treasures, spells, monsters, charts, tables, tips, tricks, and inspiration. Whew.

I highly recommend it to anyone involved in traditional gaming, like the 1E DMG, its usefulness is largely universal.


  1. That does look nice! I'm saving for a full color hardcover. Maybe for christmas. :-/

  2. Mine is ordered (B&W Hardcover) just waiting on it. Soon my collection of OSR books will be complete!



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