Saturday, December 17, 2011

Great winter morning reading

Yes, the snow is falling briskly outside right now. Later I have to venture out into it for a Christmas Party at the Casino and it will be cigars and chips and 7&7's but right now its coffee and Wilderlands.

It's criminal this boxed set is becoming increasingly difficult and expensive to obtain. Had I been psychic, I would have bought five of these back when they first came out (and done much better at past Casino Christmas Parties, just saying).

I'm sure there are licensing (and printing cost) issues, but wouldn't it be nice to see this re-released for S&W / OSRIC?

I think so.


  1. Wow! I never knew this was updated for 3.5. Although I've never played Osric, I think it would be great to have the AD&D version. Wasn't it originally made for AD&D?

  2. The original Wilderlands of High Fantasy was actually released *before* AD&D came out, so technically OD&D.

    The 3.5 version really doesn't have a lot of rules / stat blocks (so its easy to use with any system), it just greatly expands the text / description of things.

  3. I wish I'd bought a couple dozen copies of Castle Zagyg when Troll Lord was having their end-of-the-line sale before they pulped them all. I'd be paying off debts in a couple years.

    I got lucky getting this version of WoHF, though. I kept watching Amazon for it, and they had a new (!) copy show up one day, from Amazon directly, out of the blue. I assume they were doing an inventory and it just sort of showed up and got put back into the system. I ordered that bad boy the moment I saw it.

  4. So far I've used it with AD&D, OSRIC, C&C, and 4e D&D - everything *except* 3e, AFAICR! :) 3e doesn't work above 10th level, whereas the Wilderlands seems suited to wahoo high-level gaming.

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