Friday, December 23, 2011


I need music!

To listen to while making the traditional Christmas Lasagna.

Please post your 10-song Dream Playlist in the comments and hook me up.



  1. No revelations here, but these tunes would keep me rockin' in the kitchen:
    Iron Fist by Motorhead
    Roadrunner by Modern Lovers
    52 girls by The B-52s
    Village Green Preservation Society by The Kinks
    Soma by The Strokes
    Waiting Room by Fugazi
    I Predict a Riot by the Kaiser Chiefs
    Shakin' All Over by Johnny Kidd and the Pirates
    Spiderman theme song by The Ramones
    Los Angeles by X
    Any interesting variations from the norm in the Trad. Xmas Lasagne recipe?

  2. 1- Joe Satriani "Flying in a blue dream"
    2- Rolling Stones "Sympathy for the devil"
    3- Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers "Back door man"
    4- Devil Doll "Queen of Pain"
    5- Anything from John Coltrane
    6- Queensryche "Della Brown"
    7- "Gotta Knock a Little harder" from the Cowboy Bebop sound track
    8- Biz Markie "Just A Friend"
    9- Toby Keith "Red Solo Cup" ( if you have not heard this, you got too)
    10- The Cult "She Sells Sanctuary"
    Hope that help's and Merry X-Mas

  3. Music is tough because everyone's tastes are so different. Here's an eclectic mix, all available on youtube:

    The Crescents - Pink Dominos
    Enduser - Switch
    Ghostface & Jadakiss - Run (Ratatat Remix)
    Shpongle - Divine Moments of Truth
    Kanka - Nova Dub
    Black Moth Super Rainbow - Sun Lips
    Professor Longhair - Big Chief
    ingenting - Punkdrömmar
    340ml - Shotgun
    Worm is Green - Robot's Got the Blues
    Can - Vitamin C
    Bonde Do Role - Solta O Frango (lgk remix)
    looper - Mondo 77
    Radio Citizen - The Hop (Feat. Bajka)
    ingenting - Punkdrömmar
    Timonium - Crushed Discs
    Marika Papagika - Smyrneiko Minore

    Merry Christmas!

  4. 1 Pixies - Hey
    2 Bowie - Rock'n'Roll Suicide
    3 Robyn Hitchcock - Oceanside
    4 Ben Kweller - Lizzy
    5 Nic Jones - Canadee-i-o
    6 Five-Thirty - Junk Male
    7 The Pogues - I'm a Man You Don't Meet Everyday
    8 Damien Rice - The Blowers Daughter
    9 The Gaye Bykers on Acid - Everythang's Groovy
    10 The Stone Roses - I Am the Resurrection

  5. Must admit I prefer mellow music for cooking and hard thrashy stuff for housework, so here’s my mellow picks:

    The Stranglers - Golden Brown
    Dandy Warhols - Godless
    Massive Attack - Teardrop
    Ben Folds Five - Bitches Ain't Shit (Dre Cover)
    Sunny Boys - Alone With You
    Radiohead - Creep
    UB40 – Strange Fruit
    Muse – Sing for Absolution
    Devo – Mongoloid
    Dead Eyes Opened 1993 Remix

    As a bonus here is the ever useful link for turning YouTube clips into MP3s and a handy link that allows you to watch YouTube clips (amongst other things) otherwise blocked in your country (such as Sony).

  6. Cool! Someone else does Christmas lasagna!

  7. @Narmer - Not a bad way to spend an early Christmas afternoon: winter ale, good music, and patiently laying down layer after layer in great big pans :)

  8. Thanks everyone for all of these - I thought I had a good variety of music, you guys are real eclectics! Its always nice to add new stuff to the library :)



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