Monday, December 12, 2011

The Secret of Kells

Available on Netflix, I watched this with the juniors this weekend and was very pleased with it. The animation is amazing, and the story magical. Its a bit dark in places, but those parts are more than balanced by whimsy and scenes of the magical elder forests. It handles both Pagan and Christian mythologies with reverence, which is nice as I more often see one favored and the other vilified.

Best of all, no dick or fart jokes, guest rappers, contemporary references, or celebrity voice-over shenanigans, all of which seem to infest so many kids' films these days. The best kids films (imo, at least) are the ones that are timeless, and this one definitely fits that bill.


  1. Ai agree with you 100%. The animation was beautiful and had a classic element about it.

  2. I love this movie, enough that I posted on my blog about it (

  3. My wife and I started this movie but never got a chance to finish it. Loved what we got a chance to see. I know what I will be watching for "movie night" tonight.



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