Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reading the 5th edition right now!

With all the buzz around the internets lately, I figured I should track down a copy of this. Its just as well-written as I expected, and the maps are fantastic! Best of all, it includes a lot of the author's own original artwork. I highly recommend that you track down your own copy. It'll be interesting to see how closely the film follows this book.


  1. I actually think this book is better than the trilogy that followed it -- the Professor's best writing IMO.

  2. A film to follow? A flshy big supplement already? Ugh.

  3. Hopefully there's references to dwarf tossing considering there are 12 dwarves in the book. Not to mention shield surfing elves.

  4. What?! A new edition?! This makes my other two copies of The Hobbit obsolete! It's like it's not even the same story anymore! Damn you, money-grubbing publishers!!!



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