Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Sweet, sweet, Vanguard

Man, I used up a lot of quarters on this bad boy back in the early 80's.


  1. We played this as a group on a couple of occsions with someone piloting and the rest of us jamming madly away at all the various fire buttons. We could go on literally for hours on a quarter or three that way. It was a blast.
    Still, though, my heart(and most of my paper route money) belongs to Defender Stargate.

  2. This game was before my time, but I am super thrilled to know that there was a game out there which started you off with the Trek fanfare and then repeatedly played Vultan's theme.

    I would totally sink a fistful of quarters in for a game to do that nowadays :)

  3. This was the only arcade game I was ever any good at. I achieved high score just about every time.

  4. Kids today know nothing of the arcade experience. I played this regularly too. And Asteroids, a game called Tail Gunner, and who knows how many more. There was a place called Flipper McCoys I used to frequent with a buddy of mine. Those were the days . . .



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