Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lazy Blog Post - Jack Vance's Planet of Adventure

This is one of those greatest of tragedies - a bunch of books that have sat on my shelf for years, but I've only recently gotten around to reading them. I could have read these ten times over by now, they're that good! For some reason, I had the impression these were pretty straight sci-fi works, but they are much more firmly planted in the Sword & Planet genre.

I'm glad I finally got around to them.

If you haven't read these yet, be sure to check them out ASAP. There are plentiful editions to be found cheap in used books stores (just look for the yellow DAWsf spines!) or omnibus editions still in print at your local "big" chain book seller.


  1. Planet of Adventure was my first taste of Vance as a sci-fi/sword & planet writer. Its great! Can't recommend them enough.

    And if you want a "pure" sci-fi tale from the Dying Earth Master, check "Moon Moth" - a very clever and engaging short story.

  2. Love these books; I have them in a recent collected "omnibus" edition. And you're right, they're really a modern "sword and planet" set of stories.

  3. I wonder if the French graphic novels ever got translated into English. Probably not.

  4. I really enjoyed these books, but I haven't read The Pnume yet, since I've not found a copy at my local used bookstores. Hopefully on my next trip out to Sunnyvale....


  5. there's something about Vance's titles and cover art that gives an impression about his books content.I thought the same thing about the Dying Earth works until I read them. Now, I can't get enough because I much more prefer sword & planet or s&s material then sci-fi.

  6. These were probably the first Jack Vance books I ever heard of (Gygax's DMG, page 112) and because of that they were among the first I read - my tattered copy is the Grafton trade paperback edition shown in the middle there, with the red cover with the air-car. The very acme of the planetary romance genre, in my opinion, and Aila Woudiver is one of the best and most memorable antagonists in all sf.

  7. Love those books, although in hindsight "Servants of the Wankh" is an unfortunate choice of titles. I think I first read the Dirdir book after seeing Barlowe's treatment in his Guide to Extra-Terrestrials, but didn't discover the rest until much later.

    wait...graphic novels? why wasn't I consulted?!!

  8. I'm reading the omnibus right now. Great to see these still in print, and people reading them!



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