Monday, January 17, 2011

Sword and Magic - Adventures on Fomalhaut

If you're a Fomalhaut fan like me, you'll be pleased to take a look at Melan's house RPG, which he has kindly shared with us here.

There's also a download of "Towards Fomalhaut, a brief collection of three example scenarios that previously appeared in Fight On! and Knockspell:

  • The Isle of Barzon is an island where the inhabitants toil under the reign of a repressive dictatorship, who in turn obey the Flying Gods, mysterious beings who hunt and kill according to their purpose. The scenario, suitable for any level, pits the characters against the island’s mystery whether they are castaways, thieves or prospective conquerors.
  • The Tower of Birds is a small dungeon set in an arid environment. Dangerous traps, implacable foes and the challenges of navigating the tower’s interior and exterior await those who would seek water or solace from the powers of the wasteland. Levels 3-5.
  • Pentastadion is a briefly outlined example city-state ruled by an oligarchy of the rich and devious, and populated by the best sailors of Fomalhaut. Here, adventure awaits in teeming ports, elegant villas and squalid slums; opportunities are open for swordplay, thuggery, but also in the hallways of power and the tangled web of intrigue."


  1. Awesome! I do wish, however, that the monsters and treasures had been translated as well, esp. as the Monster section is my favorite part of Kard & Magica.

    Seems to be calling out for the "Carcosa Box Set" treatment...

  2. Thanks for spreading the word, Al!

    Blair, I have been contemplating a Supplement: Fomalhaut for a time and that would have the monsters and magic items, but it doesn't come easily to me. A whole supplement is a tremendous amount of work, something that would easily discourage me if I weren't in the spirit. It is something I will likely do, but as to the 'when', I regrettably have no idea.



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