Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Happy Belated Birthday, ERB!

How remiss was I to mention Edgar Rice Burroughs yesterday of all days...? Born Sept 1st, 1875, ERB would have been 134 today if he had been possessed of that marvelous Martian lifespan. He's immortalized forever by the brilliant books he wrote, the father of an entire genre of fiction, a genre I believe is headed towards a bit of a resurgence. With a movie in the works by the most profitable movie production company in the US, its only a matter of time before bookshelves are happily sagging under the weight of his 70-odd novels.

In related news, Marooned is reporting a free online serialized novel by Scott Lynch, author of Lies of Locke Lamore, inspired by ERB's Sword & Planet fiction, called Queen of the Iron Sands.


  1. E.R.B. has long been a favorite of mine. I just picked up a copy of The Moon Men the other day. He definitely had a vast imagination!

    Happy Birthday Mr. Burroughs!

  2. I just received my first ERB book (a collection of the Mars books) yesterday... coincidence, or conspiracy?

  3. John Carter and I were just sharing reminiscences of 'Normal Bean' over some coffee.
    --He is missed.

  4. I'm a bit nervous about the John Carter movie. They picked Taylor Kitch (spelling?) to play Carter, and he's awful pretty. I doubt I'll be able to take him seriously.
    On the plus side, they picked Willem Dafoe to play Tars Tarkus. Since Tarkus is a fifteen foot tall, four armed green man, I don't know how much of Dafoe will be obvious, but he's got a great persona for a thark.



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