Thursday, September 10, 2009

A very nice Character Sheet

I've always loved cool character sheets. Maybe I romanticize them a bit because I so seldom get to use them, being so often on the other side of the screen? Or maybe its fond memories of my first Goldenrod character sheet, an elf Paladin which followed little or nothing actually presented in the rules, and sporting a rough sketch intended to resemble the Grenadier mini I used for the character.

Check out Dyson Logos's B/X Character Sheet. This little guy is quite impressive; when you fold it in half it makes a LBB-sized booklet. Not specifically tailored for S&W, but easy enough to use with that game, too, of course. Its got enough lined space inside to keep track of any character, through a great many levels. Nice work, Logos!


  1. Thanks!

    What would i have to change to make a S&W version?

  2. @not much, S&W characters have a single saving throw, plus a modifier under certain conditions. They also have the option to use d20-style ascending AC. Beyond that, the two systems are pretty much sympatico. Here's a S&W sheet done by Grim:

    Love your work, btw!



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