Tuesday, March 2, 2010

BtBG Reader goes shopping!

Last month yours truly suffered a birthday, but the pain of aging yet another year was assuaged somewhat by a very respectable stack of bookstore giftcards!

Above are my first three acquisitions, Glen Cook's "Swordbearer", a book I read back in middle school and am looking forward to revisiting its dark Sword & Sorcery feel, "Shadowline", book one of Cook's Starfishers trilogy, which have long been out of print and I've never read, and a new Tor edition of Moorcock's "Jewel in the Skull", with very nice interior illustrations. I'm a sucker for interior illustrations. If you haven't read the Hawkmoon stuff yet, "Jewel in the Skull" is a great example of mixing dark fantasy with weird science fiction.


  1. Happy Birthday Al. Looks like you scored a lot of good stuff. Never read the Cook series. Just his Black Company which I loved. And if you ever get a chance to pick up Moorcock's The Warhound and the World's Pain do so. It's a great read. I'm going to check out Jewel in the skull, sounds interesting.

  2. Happy B'day! Loved the Hawkmoon books! Some of Moorcock's best stuff.

  3. Al-- Happy Birthday! Books (or gift cards for the purchase of books) are always my favorite gifts.

    I was wondering if you would send me an email at fantasy.cartographic@gmail.com. I recently read 'The Ghastly Villa', really enjoyed it, and have something for you.



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