Thursday, March 4, 2010

Happy GM's Day!

Don't forget to give your DM (or GM) a hug (or pint of Guinness) today. He (or she) is probably really tired (or brain-fried) from providing you with fantastic adventure and derring-do every month (or week) so let him (or her) know you appreciate it!

Also, don't forget why today is GM's Day.


  1. RIP Gary, thanks for a great hobby.

  2. Happy GM's Day.

    No disrespect to Gary and you Al but it's not GM's day because of Gary's passing away on March 4th. March 4th for GM's day goes back to 2002. It was a strange quirk of fate that March 4th was GM's day and the day of the death of the one of the creators of this wonderful hobby that I've shared with family and friends for more then 3 decades now.

    Mr. Gygax was the first celebrity I ever purposefully contacted to thank years ago and he was a gracious and friendly gentleman in his reply.

    Again, Happy GM's day and may you never roll a 1 (unless searching for traps).

  3. I'll take the pint of Guinness, please!

  4. What-what-waht? Shouldn't we celebrate the day of his birth, rather than the day of his death?



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