Monday, October 11, 2010

Current Gaming Materials

Current Gaming Materials in use:

Swords & Wizardry, Core Rules (Matt Finch)

Swords & Wizardry Ref Sheets (Mike Shorten)

BtBG 2009 Compendium (Me)

Monsterless Manual (Me)

Gamescience Dice (Lou Zocchi)

Grenadier Classics Minis from Mega (Julie Guthrie)

Oktoberfest Beer (Spaten)

What's on your game table these days?


  1. I'm using Labyrinth Lord and Advanced Edition Companion from Goblinoid Games, and currently running "The Hidden Serpent" adventure from Faster Monkey Games.

  2. Player's Guide that I wrote, and my DM notes. I don't have any links, sorry, they're all on paper :/

  3. Depends which game we're talking about. If we're doing my CoC pbem then it's my notes and the rulebook and the computer. If it's the 1e game I'm playing with Junior Grognard DMing, it's my PHB, the DM's shield and a crib sheet for the vital stats for humanoids and minor undead. If I'm DMing, it's PHB, MM, DMG, MM2, D&DG, all my notes, maps etc. All adventures are homebrew although I do have all the modules as pdfs on a CD-ROM.

  4. Right now, my laptop (for Skype),a pair of old D6, and BASH (Basic Action Super Heroes) 1e. We'll be switching over to my hack of S&W WB after the Holidays, though. That will entail a lot more stuff, some of it mine, some of TSR's, and some other stuff, too.

  5. Both playing & DMing:
    -6x9 lined spiral-bound notepad (has both campaign notes & my PC notes.
    -Small cigar box full of (mostly chessex) dice, a few coins from an old LARP, a couple of mechanical pencils and one larger eraser.
    -Pad of graph paper containing both maps I make as a player and campaign maps for the game I'm running.

    When playing my primary character:
    -Martial Power
    -Character sheet (on clipboard filled with old character sheets underneath),
    -Reaper miniature for him (a spartan-type with crested helm, scale armor, a sword in right hand and shield with two javelins held in his left)

    When DMing:
    -DM screen, with my group's PCs' passive Insight & Perception scores clipped to it, and a double image regional map hanging over the screen so one copy of the map is visible to the players & one to me at all times.
    -The Dungeon Alphabet
    -Raggi's Random Esoteric Creature Generator
    -Adventurer's Vault
    -Chessex Megamat & water-erase markers
    -Additional maps printed from online & campaign notes that I typed rather than writing in the notepad.
    -Large tacklebox & a couple of other plastic cases full of my group's large collection of D&D minis acquired over the years.
    -3x5 index cards to use for handing out notes to players.

  6. the C&C PH and M&T books, the C&C screen, a huge handful of dice, and my big book o' megadungeon goodness (homebrewed by me; 70,000 words and numerous levels to date). I sometimes keep the Fiend Folio and the 2e Monstrous Manual around for extra monsters.

  7. -laptop for MapTools and notes
    -Moldvay/Cook red/blue basic/expert books
    -Gygax's DMG
    -1e MM, MM2, and FF
    -BECMI Creature Catalog
    -DRAGON Magazine archive on CDs
    -Gamescience dice
    -hibiscus-mint tea

  8. I’m still knee-deep in my D&D 3.5 campaign:

    - Rappan Athuk Reloaded (RARE) boxed set [Necromancer Games]
    - Encounter cheat sheet [I have a PDF of RARE, so I cut and paste stats in such into a little packet for the various encounters, assuming I’ve had time]
    - Tome of Horrors II [Necromancer Games]
    - Bard’s Gate [Necromancer Games]
    - Spell Compendium [WotC]
    - Magic Item Compendium [WotC]
    - 3.5 PH [WotC]
    - 3.5 DMG [WotC]
    - 3.5 MM [WotC]
    - Combat Pad [Open Mind Games]
    - Minis galore [WotC, Reaper, Ral Partha]
    - Dice from God knows where
    - Growlers of beer [Mostly Yuengling and Lionshead]

  9. Ah, good on ya for the Spaten. I was utilizing a bit of the Ayinger Oktober Fest-Märzen myself last week, in addition to the SW:Core and Mr. Shorten's Sheets. Very handy those.

  10. The S&W White Box stuff by Brave Halfling Publishing.

    Men & Magic of Nightwick Abbey (a supplement I'm working on)

    And the Monster & Treasure Assortment sets one-three.

  11. @ze bulette - I'm kicking myself for not having gotten a taste of the Ayinger last weekend in Cleveland when I had the chance - it's rare here in Buffalo. Beer-gods willing, I'll track some down before the season's over.

  12. Savage Worlds Explorer's Edition and the Eberron Campaign Setting (3.5e version), because I'm putting the final touches to a Savage Eberron game I'm hoping to run this winter, the follow-up to a one-shot I ran earlier this year.

    B2: The Keep on the Borderlands, because I've never read it, and I feel I probably should. I haven't had time to read it in the couple of months since I bought it, but I live in hope.

    Aside from various sketches in various degrees of completion for Fight On!, that's the lot. Since most of my gaming stuff is in storage in another town, my gaming table -- which is a couple of shelves and a pile on the edge of the sofa, really -- isn't exactly groaning under the weight of stuff.



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