Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bring back Korgoth!

Most of you have seen the pilot for Korgoth of Barbaria by now. What you may not know is that the series was shelved before the pilot was even aired (for a variety of rumored reasons, some of them fairly insulting to fans of the Sword & Sorcery genre). Even "Assy McGee" got a couple of seasons (yep, "Assy McGee", good call, guys) :\

At any rate, some folks have taken the time to start an online petition in an attempt to get the ball rolling on this again. Proabably futile, but who knows? If you liked the Korgoth pilot, take a moment and add your name to the list!


  1. Signed.

    Someone must have found that Assy McGee crap amusing, but I can't figure out what demographic they would fall into. Even when I was eleven and knee-deep in Garbage Pail Kids, I'm pretty sure I would have been underwhelmed.

  2. Signed and commented. It might not happen, but at least we're not quiet about it.

  3. Signed. Also, photobucket seems to be in on the conspiracy.

  4. Yep signed.

    Strangely enough my verification number was the same as my signature number.

  5. By the way I view Korgoth as the min-maxed Fighter character of a player who doesn't really want to roleplay much. And the DM totally went along with it and they're having fun anyway :P

  6. The big problem with Korgoth is that there has been too many "regime changes" at Cartoon Network. You'll notice that many of what I call the classic "Cartoon Cartoon" creators have left. Korgoth was a creation by one of those. Adult Swim has also been dominated by Williams Street, putting their own creations above any non-licensed stuff (like Family Guy and Anime).

    Maybe the creators should be allowed to find another home for it.

  7. Signed. I need more giant killer pigeons in my life!

    Dunno if it'll do any good though. Like BBC3, Adult Swim seems to be run for the benefit of the commissioning editors' arts buddies from uni.

  8. Which is too bad; the shows on adult swim went from satire, clever humor, and ironic nostalgia (like my old favorite Sealab 2020) to the tired old dick and fart jokes of stuff like Assy McGee and Squidbillies. Blech :(

    I still like Venture Bros. though!

  9. i started up a blog in memory of korgoth! join my crusade to bring it back! only with your help and the help of your minions can we do the impossible!



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