Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The One-Page Wilderness

Sean at Bite the Bulette has done a very nice one-page Wilderness, inspired by Will Douglas's Northmarch. I hope we see more of these from the old-school blogosphere!

I did a sort of "one-sheet" Wilderness a while back, when I was putting alot of stuff together for Microlite20; a campaign setting on one (front and back of a) sheet, called Lands of Lyrion. You can gaze upon its pulp-fantasy-inspired cheesiness here.

I think I might do a similar one-sheet for my mystery campaign mini-setting discussed here, just to see what it would look like. Sort of like Lyrion, but on a smaller scale, I'd want a tiny bit of detail on the towns and cities, some "lurid lairs", and perhaps a small pantheon of deities.


  1. That's Sean Will's awesome work, at the Bite the Bulette blog, not mine (I'm also "Bulette" at the S&W forums). Just to avoid any confusion! Hey Sean, sign yer blog posts! ;-)

  2. A Bulette by any other name...;)

  3. Thanks for the post edit, I steal other people's game ideas all the time, but taking credit for it I can't bring myself to do! -zb

  4. Something is wrong with your link to Bite the Bulette. The link is going here:


    instead of where it should be here:


  5. man, I must have been sleepy this morning...


  6. Thanks Al + the real Bulette. Also Lyrion's great, it's got it all.

  7. Hi, Do you have any other Lands of Lyrion material that you could share with us?

    I found the Scrolls of Kronus thread
    and really liked the write up of the City of Neethra. Have you written anything for any of the other cities?

  8. Hi Stephen,

    No, I don't really have a lot about the setting (posted online, at least). It was more a challenge to myself to see if I could put a setting with its own flavor together in one page in keeping with the design ethic of M20. There are some fan resources here and there around the net, like this:




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