Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Does your gaming group look like this?

Does it? (Click on image for larger version)

Nothing makes a Tekumel Caste-Warrior ensemble complete like sunglasses!

This is from a link from Grognardia, btw.

I have to say, in 30-odd years of gaming, I've never been to a session where anyone dressed in costume as their character. This seems to be a common stereotype of gamers (a certain episode of Reno 911 comes to mind), but I thought it based solely on myth/assumption (or convention shenanigans)!

Have you ever gamed in costume, or with a group in costume?

If so, please share your story!


  1. That's a great photo! No...never gamed in costume, nor do I know anyone who'd gamed in costume.

    I used to wait tables at a restaurant that was popular once a month w/ the Creative Anachronisms group...worst tippers I had ever encountered. That's the extent of my costumed experience. ;-)

  2. Upon announcing a new game of Sky-Pirates to an old group of mine one guy assumed we would all be wearing our pirate costumes. He was visably disappointed when I pointed out that he was the only one with a pirate costume and that he was not welcome to wear it to every session.

  3. Until photographic evidence to the contrary surfaces, my answer to your question is a definite "No."

  4. Wow that is one scary picture. I'm not sure I would be gaming today if I encountered a crowd like that.

  5. What is that map of and what game is that on the table?

  6. Nope. Gaming in costume exceeds my weirdness quotient.

    @mhensley: They're playing 'Empire of the Petal Throne'.

  7. We would occasionally use prop weapons ... but costumes? No.

  8. No...not exactly. There was an unofficial practice my old Junior High School era group adopted that I still keep alive to some extent.

    When playing certain games, most notably Star Trek, Star Wars and Superhero RPGs, the GM and occaisionally the players wear appropriately theme t-shirts. I always wear one of my Green Lantern or Flash t-shirts to my M&M game and often wear a D&D t-shirt the few times I've played D&D over the past few years.

  9. Never gamed in costume, nor have I ever LARPed. I'm just thankful that this isn't a d20 Book of Erotic Fantasy session.

  10. Wow. Well, I have answered the door to people before the group came over to play in costume to confirm the suspicions of non-gamers, but I have never ran or played a game in costume.

    @Atom Kid: Yeah, no kidding, especially with the lack of girls.

    "Ok, Rupert, you are the princess, prepare to be ravished."

    "Oh, not again!"

  11. What are you guys? A bunch of square jocks? Too proud, too embarased to embrace the wild side and freak the normals?

    Well call me a dork, but I think that's rad (esp with sunglasses) and would totally dig dressing up costumes, esp in October!

  12. We had an weekend long gaming session in college that featured a costume party. It was part of the weekend but really not part of the actual gaming session. That's probably about as close as it got.

    I played in some bands in the 70s that looked eerily similar to the picture. I, of course, wore my tee shirt with the flannel shirt over it. I was years ahead of the grunge movement.

  13. Had a player turn up in costume once and seeing as most of us were near the end of high school if not just recently graduated we openly mocked and ridiculed the player. Oh, the good old days...

  14. "I used to wait tables at a restaurant that was popular once a month w/ the Creative Anachronisms group...worst tippers I had ever encountered."

    Did they tip with styrofoam doubloons?

  15. I went costumed as my character, a Mormon missionary, for two or three AFMBE games. It wasn't a conspicuous costume, though.



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