Monday, October 5, 2009

Art of Conan

Yep, still enjoying the Complete Chronicles of Conan!


  1. Some really cool artwork there, especially the fourth one down - I'd never seen that one before, and although it doesn't seem to fit the "traditional" Conan image, I'm sure there were times Conan was as well-kitted as that.

    If you want a crap-ton more Conan art, check out the Crom! Blog. That guy's got some stuff that you'll probably see nowhere else; lots of foreign comics covers and a lot of memorabilia.

  2. Conan #4 is laughing and pointing because he's seeing his enemies driven before him and he's hearing the lamentation of the women.

  3. Hey Bedelaire,
    Thanks for hooking Al up man! You're a scholar and a gentleman!

  4. Oops...BADELAIRE! can't believe I did that. Sorry!

  5. That's a very cool blog you've got there, Cromsblood!

  6. Thanks Al,
    It IS a cool blog, but not mine. As long as Reis keeps playin' that squeeze-box, I'm happy...he's the king of cool! I reserve the right to be his dancing monkey.



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