Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Necromancer Games forums compilation

Back when D&D 3E was first announced, there was this new little thing called the OGL, which allowed 3rd party companies to produce materials compatible with the new edition sans any licensing fees. Necromancer Games was one of the first of these third parties, and the first to produce materials with an eye towards the game's 1E and B/X roots. "New school rules, old school feel". Years before the OSR became a thing.

If there was any sort of cultural center for old school gaming with newer rules back then, it was definitely the Necromancer Games forums, accessible from their website, and one of the most active and creative message boards around. The forums were filled with homebrew stuff, great debates and discussions, dungeon design and campaign tips, and lore from old-school luminaries like Bob Bledsaw.

Now that Necromancer Games is no more (one half of the original partnership continues to soldier on as Frog God Games, while the other apparently bowed out of the business after an atrocious and unfair public scandal), there is no official maintenance of their messageboards, and these boards are doomed to decay and eventually disappear altogether.

Fortunately, board member Magoo has taken it on himself to compile most of the board's content into a single download, accessible here, so all this great stuff can be preserved. If you were a visitor to those boards back in their glory days, were a contributor and want a copy of your material, or are simply curious and want to read some great stuff, grab a copy while you can!


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