Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Some 5E pregens for you.

Here are some pre-gen characters I made to give the 5E system a test-drive, and figured I'd share them. They are made from the Basic rulebook available here.

Gorum, 1st level human fighter (axe & board)

Hasan, another 1st level human fighter (2H'd sword)

Neer, 1st level elven cleric

Malakus, 1st level human wizard

Frodoric, 1st level halfling thief

Oh, and here's a higher level character - a conversion from a Pathfinder NPC of mine, the most annoying gnome Illusionist-Thief of all time. This guy was made with options from the new PHB.


While I'm saving my thoughts on 5E for a future post, I have to admit I love the layout of the new character sheets, and how they are so focused on the role-playing aspects of the character.


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