Thursday, March 10, 2011

Hot Elf Chick savagely attacks Lady Gaga!

I mean really, can you blame her?

By the way, welcome to the OSR! Ohyeah!!!

Check out this cool blog list right here for more Hot Elf Chicks and other stuff.

While you're here, here's some new 1st level Sorcery for you(roll d6):

1. Black Eyes of J'Geth - Renders 2d6 HD of creatures unconscious for 1d6 turns.

2. Claw of the Bodiless - Telekinetically move and manipulate object of up to 10lbs/level.

3. Eyes and Ears of Pawleesh - Enables caster to see in darkness, see invisible creatures, and enhances hearing (5 in 6) for 1 hour/level.

4. Winsome Guile of Grix - Target must save or serve the caster faithfully for 1d3 days, plus 1 day per level of the caster.

5. Xgh's Perilous Mist - Green mist covers 10 cubic feet per caster level for 1 Turn + 1 round/level. Anyone in the mist must save each round or become ensnared in its grasping tendrils.

6. Zggzr's Spiteful Orb - Orb of purple energy (range 120') leaches life force from all living creatures within 20' of it for one round (1d6 damage, increases to 2d6 damage at 5th level).


  1. Now who knew Deedlit had a hot sister at home?

    Nice spells, btw. I thought Xgh's might be a bit too powerful, but the save every round takes care of that.

  2. AWESOME! This is what I'm talking about. Great spells!

  3. Hah, run a google search on "Hot Elf Chick" and see what you get - out of top 5 searchs - 1) Underdark Gazette, 3)Beyond the Black Gate, and 5)Grognardia :)

  4. It's like some kind of hot chick elf holiday.



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