Friday, September 23, 2011

Facelift! and a brief tour.

I tweaked the blog's appearance a bit today. The new scheme should hopefully reflect two of my biggest inspirations: Weird, pulp fantasy, and hex maps!

Let me know what you think.

If you haven't noticed them before, there's a Bag of Holding's worth of resources down the right side of the blog there, including:

"The Shoulders of Giants" - links to postings and ruminations made by folks like Gygax, Arneson, and Bledsaw. There's some valuable stuff to read there if you're a fan of the roots and history of RPGs.

"Get Yer Old School Here" - links to some of my favorite blogs (which is in need of an update / additions, but still lots of great stuff there).

"Download Yer Old-School Games" - links to some of the best free old-school RPGs and retro-clones available on the web.

"Beyond the Black Gate Resources" - includes free mapping tools and lots of Megadungeon stuff.

By the way, the new header art is a classic piece by the inestimable Hannes Bok, master of the weird and wonderful!


  1. I actually prefer the old look. I find the hexes a bit distracting, but the new header is very nice.

  2. I like the new style, man. Looking good!

  3. I prefer the previous style as well, but that isn't to say I dislike this one...

  4. I love the artwork Al! The only thing I'd say is the pattern behind the post text makes it a difficult to read. Keep the hex pattern on the sides though if the template allows.

  5. The Bok Rocks. Like the hexes, too, still find it easy to read. Great resources, great blog!

  6. Thanks for the feedback. If you dislike the hexes, stop by in a couple of weeks and let me know if you've gotten used to them, or if they're just too obnoxious to remain!



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