Sunday, January 29, 2012

Go to Hell!

I can remember at least two campaigns in ye old high school days which culminated in journeying to the Nine Hells and taking on all the big devil-bosses in a big melee.

Also, occasionally someone would pull a bad card in the Deck of Many Things and we'd have to go rescue them.

But, this is not something I've played or run since - Hell, that is.

I kind of miss it.

Ever adventured in your campaign's underworld?


  1. At some point in my youth, my friend's all-knowing older brother told us that IF an evil character pledged his soul to a Demon Prince or Arch Devil, when he died, he would become a demon or devil. Actually, maybe he didn't tell us that exactly, but that's what we remembered him as saying as if it were a RULE, so...well, them's the rules.

    Thus, we spend a while having PC's pledged themselves to Hell and die and become monsters. My guy came back as "Demon Slash" (wicked, eh?). I had a cool Type VI mini that I liked, so that's what he looked like. And Demon Slash had lots of cool adventures in the Abyss, fighting other demons, establishing lordship, and, eventually, building a wonderful castle made of lightning (no - I don't know how that was supposed to work either), before marrying Loviatar and settling down to eternal damnation.

    Yes, it was stupid. I also can't believe how well that would have confirmed the diabolic hysteria of the times. Thank Demon Slash that Mom never overheard it. :)

  2. Sent a high level party to hell once. They spent 30 minutes in Avernus and accomplished their rescue mission. Then hauled ass to the gate, just ahead of an army of devils.

  3. Still being of (hardly) high school age, I often find my campaigns or the ones that friends do often avoid hell just because it seems a little overdone for our tastes. I guess that's what happens when you have a bunch of pretentious art students from SF play ADnD games, heh. Although now that you mention it, I WOULD like to give it a go, see what twists I can put on the classic hell!

    1. Recent issues of Land of NOD describe a huge hex crawl through the layers of Hell; it is full of neat ideas to mine.

  4. The highlight of my early AD&D years was a late-night run through the Hells and Gehenna. The infinite slopes of Gehenna really made an interesting mental image. Hope to get back there someday...

  5. The Demonweb Pits...though in the far, far reaches of my childhood, I seem to remember running players up against Asmodeus (in Hell) or someone equally ridiculous. Maybe Dispater.

  6. I did a cool expedition to Niflheim,the Norse underworld, for a mid-level PC.

    I also GM'd a deity-level PC duo's assault on the Devil God Druaga. He kicked their butts.

  7. I was in a campaign where somehow we decided we wanted to take over one of the levels of the Abyss or Hell, don't remember exactly which one. We were all teenagers and typcially played Chaotic Lootful as our alignment. We were successful, and I think we even used miniatures for that battle - a first for us as, we used only graph paper and the occasional minis, if we had them, were strictly for marching order. But this time a whole basement floor was used. I'm intrigued now and will have to ask my old friends what they remember from that game. The battle was pretty much the end of the campaign. We ended up being rulers over that level and a thorn in the rest of the Abyss/Hell.

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  9. Maybe it would be better to state it this way: Is it me, or is it the case that the paladin's shield would offer better protection if he gave it a 1/4 spin and held it with his arm across the width, rather than along the length?



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