Wednesday, June 27, 2012

How much does a pile of 50,000 coins weigh?

According to this article, about three quarters of a ton!

That should keep all those hirelings busy for a while.


  1. So 30 coins to a pound - between Gygax's 10 and 3rd edition's 50. I might use that in B&T - split the difference.

  2. This is very helpful and interesting. Thanks Al.

  3. Those coins look better than the ones we mint in America today, haha.

    I might have to use that picture on my own blog. :)

  4. I wonder if that weight includes the earthenware pots and such.

  5. I use Spanish Doubloons as my model, so a pile of treasure "looks right" in our mind's eye. They were about .95 ounces each, so 50,000 gold coins in my campaign would weigh about one and a half tons. We use the classic 10:10:10 and the historical silver/gold ratio was long 10/1 so it is fine that they are all the same size. Thus even mixed coins weigh the same.



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