Friday, July 13, 2012

Pan-Dimensional Vending Machine

So apparently there's this vending machine in a back alley in Japan.It's contents are not visible, and there's no list of contents, you just put in your 500 yen (about $.50 USD), and something pops out.

It starts with normal drinks and snacks, but gets weirder as you go.

Details of the vending machine are here.

And some of the interesting stuff it vends here.

Something like this would be great for your weird sorcery/science campaign!


  1. correction: 500 yen is about 5 dollars.

  2. Wow--this is great! Sort of like Gibson's Hinterlands on a micro level.

    I'm thinking like a subterranean altar with hieroglyphic instructions to leave a Fibonnacci number of GP and perform some ritual, with the results depending on the number and disastrous results for non-Fibonnaci numbers...

  3. Not sure if this is the place to ask, but Al whatever happened to Warriors of the Red Planet?

  4. Augh! Jesus, man, don't link to SCP without a warning. There's some pretty messed-up stuff over there if you're not careful with your clickthroughs.

    (That said, this one is a pretty good find)

  5. OK, here's my version of this insane monolith:

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  8. This is awesome. I'll definitely be using this in one of my games in the very near future.

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