Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Saturday Morning, circa 1979

Came across a 1979 "CBS Saturday Morning's!" ad in an old comic the other day (Shogun Warriors, ftw), and thought I'd share:

8:00 Mighty Mouse / Heckle & Jeckle

9:00 The Bugs Bunny Road Runner Show (Coyote can't catch him!)

10:30 The ALL NEW Popeye Hour (Olive and Bluto add to the fun!)

11:30 The NEW Fat Albert Show (those funky kids are back in town!)

12:00 Jason of Star Command

12:30 Tarzan and the Super Seven (the King of the Jungle Challenges Crime!)
The "Super Seven" apparently includes Bat Man (spaced that way in the ad, though it was plain old Batman), the Freedom Force, and maybe Isis?

Apparently, my pre-adolescent favorites, Ark II and Shazam! had not started yet :(

Remember your favorite Saturday morning shows?


  1. I was a good year for Saturday mornings.

  2. Hmm, no sleestaks in that Saturday morning. I would have to check other options.

  3. Ark II and Shazam were actually from around 1976 and didn't last that long.

  4. I remember all of these...hell, I might have owned the same Shogun Warrior comic. Is this the one with Combatra and the Five Fingers of Doom?

    (that's the only one I ever owned, back in the day, but I read it a gazillion times)

  5. @JB - that's the one!

    For those who haven't had the pleasure, the "villain" in this issue is a giant floating hands with snake heads for fingers.

    Of course, the fingers can separate from the main hand, in a pinch.

  6. @ Al:

    See! My memory hasn't all been eaten by the constant influx of booze. I'd like to thank D&D for my increased cognitive capacity.

    Beautiful cover art, that one...

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