Friday, July 12, 2013

Armory AD&D character record sheets

Anyone else remember these thick pads of character sheets? "50 Sheets to a pack!" as the cover proclaims. That was almost enough to get the group through Temple of Elemental Evil. As dense and cluttered as these sheets are, there is no contesting their thoroughness, nor their inestimable old-school charm.

Here's a link to a .pdf version of the sheet kindly cleaned up and reconstructed by a fan over on Dragonsfoot.


  1. I actually found a pack of these at my FLGS a while back. The shrink wrap had, well, shrunk some and wrinkled the pages, but other than that they were good.

  2. I think I still have some stuck away in a folder. I remember finding them on sale at a back in the early 90s and buying 4-5 packs. Doubt I have many left now, but I'll have to see.

  3. One of the guys I gamed with back in the 80s used these for all of his characters.

  4. Someplace, I think in the box with my ratty old Dragon magazines, I have about half a pad of those left.

    Those were hands down one of the most comprehensive prefab character sheets ever.

  5. I loved those. Never bothered with the TSR ones. I think I bought two packs overall, but photocopied them for several years. (I must have used them for NPCs or something.)

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