Friday, July 3, 2009

Nesztor's Levitating Libram

Nesztor of Brechny was an odd man, even among wizards. His goal in pursuing sorcery was never to gain power or revenge, no godlike ambitions marred his psyche. Instead, it was flight that obsessed Nesztor's every waking moment, and most of his dreams as well. He was a bit of perfectionist, and loved to take the flight related spells of others and make them just a bit better, more useful, more powerful. Though Nesztor disappeared shortly after claiming he would fly to the moons themselves, up to four copies of his marvelous Levitating Librams are known to exist, as Nesztor was nothing if not generous with his work, the polar opposite of most wizards' near paranoid seclusion of themselves and their jealously guarded spells.

The tomes themselves are large, about 2' x 3'. The pages are hammered copper sheets held together in a teak-wood cover and bound in green, scaly leather of unknown origin. A removable brass ring, like a rune-covered door-kocker, adorns the cover (this is a Nesztor's Faithful Friend, detailed after the spells). True to its name, if placed flat on its back, the Levitating Libram always floats a couple of inches above whatever surface it is placed upon.

The tome contains the spells Levitate, Fly, and Summon Elemetal(Air), as well as the following:

Floating Disk
Level: 1
Range: 20'
Duration: 1 hour/level
This spell creates a three-foot-wide disk, invisible except for a faint greenish glow. The disk levitates one or two feet off the ground at all times, and will go wherever the caster commands, within twenty feet. The disk can support up to 100lbs of weight per caster level.

Nesztor's Remarkably Improved Floating Disk
Level: 2
Range: 20'
Duration: 1 hour/level
This spell functions as the normal Floating Disk, save that it creates an eight-foot-wide disk, that floats two or three feet off the ground, and can support up to 200lbs per caster level. Unlike the lesser Floating Disk, the caster can sit or stand upon it, and direct it about like a horseless chariot.

The Pummeling Fists of Arak-Zhorr
Level: 2
Range: 30'
Duration: 3 rounds
This spell, named for the infamous Air Elemental Arak-Zhorr, fills a twenty foot square with flailing fists of air. Anyone in the area of the spell sustains 1d6 points of damage per round and must save or have anything they are holding be torn from their grasp and thrown away from them.

Nesztor's Vastly Improved Spell of Levitation
Level: 3
Range: 20'/lvl
Duration: 1 turn/lvl
This spell functions the same as the normal spell of Levitation, except that the caster can levitate up to one other human-sized being per caster level along with himself.

Nesztor's Wondrous Flying Carpet
Level: 4
Range: Touch
Duration: 6 turns plus 1 turn/level
This spell enchants a carpet to fly at the whim of the caster. The spell can enchant a carpet of up to 10' x 10', which will hold up to eight passengers in addition to the caster, and fly at a speed of up to 60 miles per hour.

Also with each tome is a brass ring, about the size of a bracelet, the Nezstor's Faithful Friend, which summons forth a tiny air elemental with the intelligence of a dog. The elemental communicates through chirps, yelps, and other sounds, and will serve faithfully for up to seven hours a week. It can fetch objects of 5lbs or less, attack enemies for 1d4 points of damage, blow out fires, and fill the sails of a small boat with wind, among other things. It can only be hit by magical weapons, has an AC of 2[17], 1HD(7hp), and moves at a rate of 15.


  1. Thanks, Al. This is something I can print out and drop right into my current campaign with no conversion. Very cool.

  2. Wonderful. I'm a sucker for spellbooks themed by the obsession of thier owners. Great work.

  3. Excellent, squire!



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