Thursday, July 23, 2009

Who's Niche?

Poking around on EnWorld today, I was amused to find even more old-school gaming than the last time. I don't think it was normal even a year ago to see more than one old-school thread on the main general discussion page, but the amount of discussion has been growing steadily over the last several months. Today's page features threads on:

"What flavor of old-school do you like?"
"Experiences with Basic Fantasy RPG"
"What was your Megadungeon like?"
"The thing I miss most from AD&D is..."
"2E Legends & Lore"
"Gaming generation gap"
"Gary Con (old-school gaming convention) 2 dates set"
"Why doesn't WotC license older editions?"
"AD&D1 Training Rules"
"4E Blackmoor"
"Treasure and leveling comparisons: AD&D1, etc"
"J Tweet's comments on Swords & Wizardry"
"How did you play back in the day?"
"Familiar with the Megadungeon?"

That's 14 out of the 25 top current threads...

At any rate, there are a lot of misconceptions posted here and there, so if you feel like it, drop by over there and help steer them gently in the right direction.


  1. You know as well as I Al that we both are the "rare duck" over on ENWORLD (and Necroboards) - loving the OSR AND being OAFs ;O)

    Bottom line is there are plenty of unreasonable people on ENWORLD and just as many unreasonable folks in the OSR camp. And indeed many of them on BOTH sides need a gentle push..... a cliff




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