Thursday, September 17, 2009

Random Table - Skeletons in the Closet

Everyone has secrets. How those secrets influence one's life or career remains to be seen. Roll on the following table to determine the skeleton in your character's closet!

Secret Background Table (d%)
01. Unresolved Family Vendetta
02. Unfulfilled Family Quest
03. Orphan
04. Apprentice to a murdered Master
05. Stranger from a strange land
06. Apprentice will some day challenge Master
07. Dark Family Secret
08. Amnesiac
09. Exiled from homeland
10. Spy from a rival nation
11. Bastard child of local nobility
12. Reincarnated from dead hero
13. Consumed by Greed
14. Future Dark Lord
15. Fleeing failed marriage w/kids
16. Criminal incognito
17. Accidental murderer from another town
18. Fulfilling noble destiny
19. Doomed to descend to evil
20. Fated to ascend to sainthood
21. Martyr Complex
22. Deserter from local military
23. In search of dark artifact
24. Spurned by noble love-interest
25. Escaped from indentured servitude
26. Escaped Slave
27. Scion of a fallen noble house
28. Last in line to inherit
29. Failed clergyman
30. Refugee from a fallen kingdom
31. Alcoholic
32. Drug Addict
33. Yearns to be Knighted
34. Thirst for power
35. Thirst for knowledge
36. Hidden at birth
37. Abandoned child
38. Must avenge mother slain by father
39. Destined to be "Chosen One" of local religion
40. Whispered to by Demons
41. Has visions
42. Motivated by dreams
43. Slave to daily horoscope
44. Obsessed with discovering lost/legendary city
45. "I'm from the Future"
46. Deposed ruler
47. Financially ruined
48. Farmboy destined for greatness
49. Seeking soulmate
50. Must adventure to fulfill psychotic urges
51. Driven from village as a witch
52. Just released from jail
53. Hunted for a crime you didn't commit
54. Reluctant heir to a noble house
55. Haunted by ghost
56. Survivor of great cataclysm
57. Suicidal
58. Driven by lusts
59. Seeks lost family member
60. Seeks lost love
61. Following portents, signs, and omens
62. Motivated by religious zealotry
63. Family cursed by the gods
64. Has taken an oath of silence
65. Twin sibling is force for evil
66. Outcast for religious beliefs
67. Fleeing an arranged marriage
68. In hiding from family
69. Seeks wine, women, and song
70. Wants to be best of character class, ever
71. Seeks mercantile opportunities
72. Traumatized ex-soldier
73. Under a powerful geas
74. Thrown out of home by spouse
75. Setting out to avenge a great wrong
76. Fleeing the vengeance of another
77. Shamed by cowardice
78. Shunned for unnatural urges
79. Determined to discover the meaning of it all
80. Last survivor of an infamous massacre
81. Had affair with spouse of dangerous rival
82. Fleeing the legacy of an evil family
83. Victim of circumstance
84. Failed academician
85. Driven from guild for incompetance
86. Wishes funding to found a temple
87. The last of your kind
88. Caused a great tragedy
89. Accidentally killed a sibling
90. Determined to establish a new world order
91. Hopeless Romantic
92. Never catches a break
93. Writing a great novel/epic
94. Aspires to godhood
95. Plagued by recurring nightmares
96. Was raised in Faerie, exiled upon puberty
97. Quixotic wanderer
98. Seeking secret of your origin
99. Betrayed by spouse
00. Human from modern Earth trying to find a way home


  1. You have been on a roll lately (pun intended if you choose) with a lot of great posts. This one really tops them, which is difficult, because the last one was really well done as well. This gives an almost Warhammer-esque flavor in such an easy way to an oldschool game.

  2. Good stuff! Consider it stolen, yoink!.

  3. Sweet. That'd make a nifty little item for the next issue of Fight On!

  4. Very nice. Might have to take this table for a walk. Thanks for sharing.

  5. #96 Outed?

    Sounds like a list from

    It's already copied, pasted, and saved for certain use. Thanks!

  6. I love this! I know a lot of GMs want to incorporate--and some rules do--a "weakness" or "flaw" for their PCs to chose. I always found that contrived. This is MUCH more interesting, and better still that it's random--playing out much in the way life truly is, dealing us cards we have to play and put on our best pokerfaces.

  7. That's a good list, Al. I like the 100 entry random lists. I think I'm going to start gathering them up from the blogs and print myself a booklet of random items,events, character attributes and such for beginning characters to inflict on my players for the next start up game.



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