Friday, October 16, 2009

The Art of Dave Trampier

One of my "holy trinity" of D&D artists (Trampier, Otus, Sutherland), Dave Trampier had a knack for not just producing fantastic art, but for really capturing the "feel" of old-school gaming in that art.

Does looking at this stuff make you want to break out the dice Right Now?


  1. Especially Emirikol The Chaotic. Always wanted to know what his story was.

  2. Not much of a collector of 'ink' myself, but wouldn't the salamander pic make a great tat?

  3. Emirkol the Chaotic was always my favorite.

  4. That salamander is the coolest salamander ever drawn. The guy had a serious knack...such a shame he just up and disappeared. And his cover of the PHB? It's quite likely the single most famous D&D image out there.

  5. Emirikol had probably contracted a nasty case of Fire Whiz from one of the Ladies of the Night on the subtable on the facing page. It'd make anyone grumpy.



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