Tuesday, November 3, 2009

100 Book Titles

Every so often, be it in the Forsaken Halls, or some other adventuring locale, the players come across a library, or a shelf of books. Invariably, they ask what the titles of the books are, and I'm left floundering for titles to come up with at the drop of a hat. This random table is designed to help with those situations when players want to know, specifically, what books are in that hidden case in the Necromancer's workshop.

Of course, you needn't give them up too easily. 10% or so of these should require special means to decipher them. Spells like Read Magic and Comprehend Languages are there for a reason, just be sure to reward the use of such resources with the odd scroll, treasure map, or all-new spell!

100 Book Titles
1. Offerings to Set: A Diary
2. Cocktail Recipes of the Crimson Court
3. The Prayers of Arumfus
4. Black Nights and Red Blood: A History of Lost Harnfell
5. The Rise and Fall of the Dread Emperor
6. Limericks for an Elven Fete
7. Cistikins Foul Grimoire
8. The Last Titan
9. The Teachings of the Great Nordoolus
10. Bezum's Book of Marine Engineering
11. One Bridge Too Many: Last Stand of the Excitran Cavalry
12. The Poetry of Fars Fargrim
13. A Dwarf In Shackles: Overcoming the Curse
14. Troll Recipes for Fanciful Children
15. Anatomy of the Centaur
16. Tira and the Roper: A Tale of Forbidden Love
17. Nineteen Filthy Leprechauns
18. Maps and Floorplans of Porttown
19. The Memoirs of Grewg the Pirate
20. Bleak Happenings: A history of the Mindplague
21. Drinks to liven your Existence
22. Popular Dress and Hairstyles of the Second Age
23. Aradombular: Three Plays
24. Aradombular: A Treatise of the Meaning of Things
25. Aradombular: The Philosophy of Gromus
26. Aradombular: The Pagan Essays
27. The Battle of Orichs and the Fall of Trayle
28. The Twelve Sagas of Bronn the Hero
29. Ornamental Dogs and their uses in Modern Cuisine
30. My Five Humans: An Ogre's Tale
31. Dragons: Myth or Fact?
32. The Encyclopedia Geraximus: Volume Thirty Four Ch-Cz
33. Balls
34. Military Ensignia of the Knights Emergent
35. Juiblex: The Lost Comedies
36. Ode to the Hobgoblin Maiden
37. Fifteen Holy Relics of Ylalla
38. Pyromancy: An Urban Crisis
39. Fuanatic Poisons and Their Cures
40. Klybec's Passion
41. Otyugh and I
42. Letters to the Major: A Bordercaptain's Shame
43. The Lost Shrine of Amberdown: Found?
44. Hyrax: A Play in Seven Acts
45. Tools of the Late Jurian Age
46. Bridges: The Secrets of their lasting Construction and Maintenence
47. An argument against Necromancy
48. The Seventy-seven Quips of Borlak the Arch-Mage
49. Thirty Leagues Below Mount Grimbad
50. Shields and Bucklers of the Late Devalian Rennaisance
51. The Chemistries of Niflif the Clever
52. The Cat-Gods of Olix
53. Koepple: Ninety-nine Songs of Hate and Derision
54. A Brief History of the Orange Uprising
55. Desert Survival, A Beginner's Guide
56. The Mysteries of Dionicus
57. The Care and Feeding of the Xorn
58. Small Things and Gnomes
59. Deciphering the Language of Kobolds
60. The Humorous Letters of Mayor Barrelroom
61. Nine Sages in Hell: A Warning
62. The Flora and Fungi of the Grey Forest
63. The Thirty-Seven Useful Parts of the Catoblepas
64. The Unmasking and Trying of Witches!
65. Fifteen Fowl Recipes
66. Siege Engines and their Construction and Use
67. Engineering Secrets of the Elder Kings
68. The Sins of Father Trinicus
69. The Prophesies of the Jilgrian Sisterhood
70. Small Wonder: Rise and Fall of the Halfling King
71. Herbology: An Apprentice's Handbook
72. A Pictoral Guide to the birds of the Mossy Vale
73. The Secrets of Seduction for the Clueless and Childless
74. Naughty Gifts, the Memoires of Lady Truncheon
75. Autumn Leaves: The Diary of Woqueforte the Unloved
76. Poetry of the Lobingian Epoch
77. Seven Simple Love Charms and Potions
78. Fishing Lures for every Season
79. Preventing Pox
80. Disciplining the Wayward Child
81. Puddings and Oozes of the Sunless Realm
82. Undeath: A Treatise
83. The Saga of Eligarth the Bold
84. Flumph Recipes
85. A History of the Pale City
86. Sewage and Irrigation of the Modern Gaol
87. Courtly Manners of the Appropriate Kinde
88. Ninety-Nine Songs of Hate and Derision: Right Back Atcha, Koepple!
89. Feces: A Hunter's Guide
90. The Travels and Travails of Willus and Feng
91. The Browne Arcanum
92. The Legend of the Diamond Throne
93. Secrets of the Prax Society
94. Brewing like the Masters!
95. The Lost Erotica of the Merrow
96. Tales of the Far South
97. Twelve Habits of the Successful General
98. Misery Loves Company: The Care and Spreading of the Latest Plague
99. The Polite Prayerbook of the Penitant Pilgrim
00. Haques' Dictionary (2600 pages).


  1. Some great titles in there 94,97,70. Very creative.

  2. Yes. Grabbed here, as well. You had me at "Cocktail Recipes of the Crimson Court."

    #11 Cornelius Ryan would be proud. Ha ha ha

  3. I've just been over to Amazon and they haven't got any of these listed. What kind of gimcrack outfit are they running?

    91 - The Browne Arcanum - the new Robert Ludlum?

  4. Very Clark Ashton Smith-esque.
    Once again, you outdo yourself. Excellent work.

  5. Ahh, great list of titles. Perfect timing too. My players just raided a bunch of book shelves in a wizards library.

  6. Is this a repost from somewhere? I have this same list and have been using for awhile.



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