Thursday, December 3, 2009

Torgo Thursday!

Yes, I know, its not Torgo Tuesday, but Torgo's been complaining that his presence on the blog has been light lately, and he's concerned that his servitude here won't lead to the lucrative reality TV show contract he's obsessed with getting.

So I'm giving him a Thursday this week.

As many of you no doubt know, Torgo loves nothing more (during his infrequent days off) than to raid my attic cache of cool toys from the 70's and 80's, even though he knows this typically results in a vicious beating. Last weekend I found him imaginatively engaged in a titanic struggle between two mighty forces of Japanese 80's toys: A Shogun Warrior, and the noble Space Battleship Yamato!

Which got me thinking: There's got to be a game in there somewhere, right? I mean what could be cooler than massive, brutal battles between Shogun Warriors and the powerful starships of the Star Blazers universe? I may have to put together a quick set of rules for this (scribble scribble)! I could even throw a Plush Cthulhu into the mix...


  1. I used to have Raideen! I got him for Christmas 1979!

  2. Much as I love Reideen, I have a hard time believing he'd stand a chance against Yamato...especially if they could manage to fire the wave motion gun!

    While both would appear to give any plush toy or large monster a sound thrashing, I seem to recall Godzilla in the 80s was more than a match for most giant least in the Marvel universe.

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