Friday, February 5, 2010

In Honor of the Gamer-Friendly Wife (or other Significant Other)!

With Valentine's Day coming up soon, I wanted to take a moment and mention how great it is to have a "gamer-friendly wife".

The amount of bull$%^& she puts up with is simply amazing, including (but not limited to):

-Several tons of Gaming books cluttering the house.
-Several libraries worth of scifi, fantasy, and history books cluttering the house.
-Me typing away at the blog, message boards, and projects until the wee hours.
-Me constantly talking about all of the above.
-Often devoting at least one night a week of our busy lives to a gaming or writing group.
-Helping to rear children that are starting to exhibit signs of wanting to paint miniatures (God help us).
-Me driving off to other states to enjoy games and conventions.
-Going with me to see yet another bad science fiction flick.
-Humoring my idea of a date night being walking around a huge bookstore (ok, she like this too, but still its no sunset walk on the beach) with a cup of coffee.
-Having to know how to separate my toys from the kids'.
-Helping to rear children who are starting to exhibit signs of not wanting to take their toys out of the wrapping because then they're less collectible (God help us some more).
-And so on, ad nauseum!

So thanks, hon!

Anyone else with a gamer-friendly significant other, please give them a shout-out in the comments section :)


  1. I have a girlfriend who wants to play D&D with me, knows what do with my toys and library, and is urging me to sell one of my ideas to Cartoon Network. ;) Life is great.

  2. Mine cooks dinner(!) for our group, even though she doesn't play herself. She is a princess and a treasure beyond price.

  3. Really made me think: maybe I ought to start saving up for that ring she's always hinting about.

  4. I too have a wonderful wife who tolerates my geekiness. Actually, she's come to embrace quite a bit of it. Still gets Sarurman and Sauron confused and thinks Aragorn of Arathorn are two people. Baby steps. :)

  5. My wife, Jillena, plays and cooks lunch for everyone, so I am indeed, blessed.

  6. I am blessed as my husband kindly spends hours crafting adventures for me. I still have the charge of the snacks though, he provides the booze. He's lucky I'm as geeky as he is, I salute all the 'dice-widows' out there.

  7. My wife has been kind enough to support my return back to gaming after our crazy life as musicians back in the day. A big change. Though minis seem to be over the line. I've got to share my love of comics with her, she now knows a number of 60's comic illustrators and she very much enjoyed our phase of playing Neverwinter Nights. I still haven't gotten her to play an actual RPG yet, but some day...

  8. My wife is great. She gave D&D a try, but didn't care for it in the long run. I could pretty much cut and paste your post above here, Al. Well said.

  9. Like so many others, I too, have been blessed with a lovely, understanding, and long-suffering spouse that tolerates me and my gaming friends and my indoctrination of our sons into the cult.

    As Exhibit A, I submit to the court this prior post on my blog, from last year at around Father's Day:

  10. I got together with my wife as the result of her joining an old gaming group. She doesn't play anymore because she is busy with many projects of her own, but I'm confident she'll return to the table someday.

  11. I wouldn't say that my wife is gamer-friendly, not gamer-unfriendly. I would sum her up as gamer-meh. It's just not on her radar.

    Mind you, she did call me an obsessive jerk when I was going on about D&D a bit the other week. Sigh. If the cap fits...

  12. Mines definitely gamer-meh - happy to leave me to get on with it but no interest otherwise

  13. I met my wife 28 years ago through (her brother) my best friend and gaming bud! She lets me game and unashamedly tells people about my hobby. She allows me to take the kids off to conventions and teach them the way of gaming. She is a woman beyond compare in every way!!!

  14. I guess I have a gamer-friendly husband, as he does all of the above for me :) It's nice to have someone who supports our obsessions.

  15. Great post Al! Thanks for reminding me of this - sometimes, gamers tend to take these things for granted. Having read through your post, I'll confirm that my wife is just as gamer-friendly; a completely priceless and endearing quality which has gone very far to maintain a healthy level of whatever sanity I have that remains.

  16. Gamer friendly wives are where it's at! We are lucky men.

  17. Lucky is right. I couldn't agree more on that point. My wife very graciously gave me the chance to re-introduce her to RPGs after a mutual friend made an attempt that had originally totally turned her off gaming. When I met her, she wasn't gaming neutral, she was totally uninterested in repeating her first experience. Now she's an interested, if not avid, gamer, has been our DM from time to time and has gone to GenCon a number of times. Add to that her glee at playing on a team that took second place in the RPGA Open a number of years ago and I can happily say I'm a very lucky man.

  18. I AM the wife described above and I would appreciate some high fives from other gamer husbands right about now. Slap!

    I do admit that I've recently put in a request for more family time vs gaming time and he has kindly agreed to show us some love so here's my shout out to a wonderful, brilliant writer, gamer, husband and best friend, R. Lawrence Blake. I'm proud of you baby and thanks for being our rock. :)

    Game on. Carry on.



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