Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Warriors of the Red Planet Preview - Monsters!

Wha...two WotRP previews in one week!?

Here's some monsters to terrorize your valiant red warriors and courageous Earthmen with:

AC 6[13]
HD 4
Atk Bite (d6+1)
Save 13
Special Teleports
Move 12
CL/XP 4/240
Vranx are translucent, insectoid predators with razor-sharp mandibles. It is rumored that their green, glowing, many-faceted eyes can see into multiple dimensions. They can teleport short distances without error and attack, often from behind an opponent for +2 to-hit, all in one action.

AC 8[11]
HD 4
Atk Pseudopod (2d4)
Save 13
Special Paralysis, immune to electricity and cold
Move 6
CL/XP 5/240
Argoroi are non-sentient, transparent, amoeba-like creatures created by the scientists of a lost city to serve as guardians. Long ago, they turned on and destroyed their masters, and have since multiplied and greatly expanded their hunting territories. Their bodies are highly acidic and they exude a paralytic poison, immobilizing victims who fail their saves for 1d6 turns.

AC 5
HD 4[15]
Atk 2 claws (d6) or longspear (d8)
Save 13
Special None
Move 18
CL/XP 5/240
Half-man, half-beast, the gray-hided Mantaurs are wild, tribal predators that brook no trespassers in their territory. They wear broad, leather sheaths containing a dozen or so longspears they can weild in melee or expertly throw as needed. They possess a sort of savage honor, however, and will sometimes accept barter or friendly combat between appointed champions.

AC 9[10]
HD 1d2
Atk Bite (1hp)
Save 18
Special Paralytic Poison (+4 to save)
Move 13
CL/XP 1/15
These fleshy, purple-skinned swarms of predators run about surprisingly quickly on their seventy-seven legs. Their toothy bite injects a mild paralytic poison (save at +4 or be immobilized for 2-5 rounds) as they like their prey living while they feast. There is also a giant version of this horror!

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  1. Excellent preview! I'm going to be desperately tempted to have my Swords and Wizardry party stumble into the midst of an alien presence within their dungeon. Thanks for the inspiration, though I think I'm going to be holding out for the entirety of the Red Planet!

  2. I'm liking the sci-fi going on around here lately! You've motivated me to dig out my Burroughs books.

  3. nit picking
    mantaur has only one AC listed



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