Wednesday, April 7, 2010

5 Blackmoor Adventure Hooks

1. A treasure ship returning from the Sinking Lands has sunk in Blackmoor Bay with all hands lost. Who will brave the Sahuagin-infested waters to reclaim the loot?

2. Giant frogs have been attacking farmers and travelers on the outskirts of Vestfold. One was killed and found to have been wearing a necklace bearing some sort of arcane instrument. Could the infamous temple of the frog be active again or is this some new threat?

3. A silvery skyship, rumored to have been sent from the fabled City of the Gods, has crashed high in the Peaks of Booh. So far, all scavenging parties have been driven off by strange creatures weilding weapons of unnatural energies.

4. There is rumored to be a traitor among the elvenguard at the gates to the Blackmoor dungeon. What is his dark purpose, and who is behind it?

5. The Regent of the Mines has sent an adjunct to Blackmoor to organize an expedition through Loch Gloomen to the Wyvern Hills. The objective is reclaiming a lost underground stronghold rumored to be a source of rare purple diamonds of puissant arcane value.

RIP, Dave.



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