Friday, April 2, 2010

Happy Easter! - Warriors of the Red Planet Preview

Hope everyone has a great, chocolate bunny and colored egg-filled Easter weekend!

Speaking of eggs, here's a quick preview from Warriors of the Red Planet, which, in addition to monsters from and inspired by classic Sword & Planet yarns, also features a sizable selection of original beasties.

Egg of Crepsys
AC 0[19]
HD 10
Atk Mind Blast (3d6)
Save 5
Special Mental Powers
Move 0
CL/XP 10/1400
An Egg of Crepsys appears to be a fist-sized, iron egg that is warm and faintly pulsing to the touch. While the origin of the Eggs is unclear, it is rumoured that within each gestates a member of a race so far above humanity that they may as well be gods. So far, none have hatched that anyone knows about, which is fortunate, for the Eggs of Crepsys are evil entities of great power and malicious genious, even in their undeveolped state. Each may emit a blast of mental energy in a 30' radius, and may use the following mentalist powers at-will: Control Person, Mind Reading, Project Illusion, and Suggestion. Though they cannot move around under their own power, they usually have a slave to carry them about, and are not above seducing, with promises of power, those they cannot mentally enslave or intimidate.

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  1. Cool creature. The horrific absurdity of the slave carrying it around is a great touch. And good find on the egg picture, too.

  2. Cool.

    Wasn't there as similar thing in the "DreamLands" supplement for CoC? A god in an egg that people worship and give blood sacrifices to not knowing that, if enough blood is given, it will hatch and kill them all...

    Anyway. Nice description and good timing!

  3. I just looked at the random table from the previous preview, and I have to say that that is an idea I'll be stealing.

  4. Nice. Fascinating possiblities with that little egg.

  5. This is cool, cool, cool! Wow, great write up. This is destined to spawn so many great adventures.



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