Monday, May 24, 2010

Megadungeon Resources

I'm compiling all the Megadungeon oriented articles from Beyond the Black Gate for handy reference:

Megadungeon Design and Philosophy: Part One; Scope, Detail, and Connectivity.

Megadungeon Design and Philosophy: Part Two; Ceilings, Grouping, and Ecology.

Megadungeon Design and Philosophy: Part Three; History, Myth, and Economy.

Episodic Play in Megadungeons: Includes random mission chart.

Megadungeon Links: A nice list of essential links regarding Megadungeons.

Megadungeon Explorer: A new Player Class focused on Megadungeon Exploration.

Megadungeon Equipment: New and unique gear for Megadungeon explorers.

More Megadungeon Equipment.

Megadungeon Monsters: New monsters for your Megadungeon.

Megadungeon Spells: New spells for your Megadungeon.

Megadungeon Doors: Random generators and tips for dungeon doors.

Megadungeon Area Name Generator: Random generators for chambers, rooms, and design inspiration.

Megadungeon Random Trap Disarming Generator: Also useful for opening secret doors!

Megadungeon Mapping - tips, etc.

Red Crystal Caverns - A free sublevel for your Megadungeon.

Megadungeon Super Thread at Dragonsfoot!


  1. Excellent idea! I always enjoyed reading those.

  2. Hands up if you already have all this good stuff saved and printed?

    *raises hand*

  3. This is great material - will this be a PDF compilation?

  4. @Erin - I'm pondering doing a compilation .pdf, but still have more to write on the subject before I do. Most of the random charts are in the 2009 Compendium, though (link down on the right).

  5. Thanks for gathering all these links in one place.

  6. Thanks. Nice to see it all together.

  7. I wish you were coming to the NTRPG Con, Al, I'd put you on the Megadungeon Design panel seminar with Rob Kuntz, Paul Jaquays, Allan Grohe and Jason Cone!!!

  8. Great idea Al :)

  9. @Badmike - I wish I was going too! :(

    I hope someone thinks to Youtube that panel...

  10. *raises hand* Yeah, I also vote for a compilation pdf.

  11. @ Al: we would have happily welcomed your company in the panel. Once Doug and Mike have a few days rest, I'm sure they'll be posting the videos from the con, including all of each of the seminars.

    Doug's investigating streaming video for next year's seminars, too.


  12. This is amazing! Thank you sooo much!

  13. meh megadungeon, will release in pdf for free later this year...



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